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This webtool has been designed for renters but it also provides useful information for other households.

This is an opportunity to:

  • identify the quickest and most cost-effective ways to reduce your energy use and bills;
  • improve the comfort of your home;
  • receive a tailored report on how to reduce your energy costs in your home.

The electricity and gas we use in our homes contribute to climate change and affect the environment in many ways. Reducing our energy use by making our homes more energy efficient reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps to protect the environment.

The assessment should take around half an hour to complete. At any stage you can save your progress and continue later. At the end of the assessment you will be able to download your report instantly.

It is best to have your recent energy bills handy, ideally covering at least one winter and one summer.

This webtool is best viewed on a computer or tablet.

If you own a home in the ACT and you are considering whether to install solar panels, you may also like try our free solar calculator.


The Renters Home Energy Assessment Webtool (the Webtool) provides information for individuals living in rental homes in the ACT, to assist them to reduce the amount of energy they use in the home, and so reduce energy bills and environmental impacts.

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Privacy notice and collection agreement

What information will we collect?

We may collect personal information

The personal information that you may provide in the Webtool such as first name and email address is collected in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2014.

How we will treat the information we collect

The first name is used when generating the report which can be downloaded as a PDF file at the end of the Webtool. The ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) may use your email address to contact you in relation to this program, including to seek your feedback and to offer you further support to improve your home’s energy efficiency. You may be contacted by EPSDD directly, or by its contractor the Australian Energy Foundation, or by other contractors engaged by EPSDD from time to time.

How we will treat the information we collect

Any personal information you provide will be treated in accordance with the EPSDD Information Privacy Policy, the Territory Privacy Principles and the ACT Information Privacy Act 2014. Information about the privacy policy and principles, including how to access any personal data held by EPSDD, is available at